Fast-forward two years to January 2006, Mike and Matt were living downtown Chicago attending Columbia College Chicago’s School of Film and Video.  The raw footage had been sitting on several old hard drives ever since the crash, so in a last ditch effort to finish the film once and for all, Matt dropped out of film school to work full time on the project.  With some financial help from Jim Langkamp / G51 Productions and Matt’s family, the entire film was re-captured from the raw tapes, and re-edited to the previous cut.  Mike and Matt had already partnered in forming Arx Axiom, Limited, which housed their film projects from school and had far superior computers to handle editing.

    After restoring the film, they decided to shoot some material they were unable to get for the original cut..  Seven more interviews and hours of extra B-roll allowed the film to tell a broader and less esoteric story than the original tribute video.  The following semester, Matt and Mike continued refining and mastering what they now called “The Dutch Mafia” even as Matt went back to school.  Though the film was essentially finished in October of 2006, Months of trouble-shooting would continue as even their top-of-the-line PowerMac G5 had it’s share of issues.

    On February 23, 2007, almost 3 years to the day that the first cut was premiered, the Dutch Mafia was screened to a packed house of over 300 guests..

    Today, still based in Chicagoland, Matt, Mike and their growing studio, Arx Axiom, are producing films, television shows and other productions around the country.



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